Putting Oversize Grips On Your Golf Clubs

July 22, 2010 :: Posted by - Terry :: Category - Equipment

So many choices!

Thanks everyone for your fantastic response on our video about the basics of regripping your golf clubs. That video has also generated some great comments and questions.  There are literally hundreds of different scenarios and variables when you regrip a golf club.   Building up the grip and/or putting oversize grips on your clubs is just one of those scenarios.  The process isn’t all that different, just a bit more time consuming.  You will also have to make some choices that will affect your swing.

If you would like the grip on your golf club to be fatter, you have some choices.  Normally you take care of this by adding one or two layers of masking tape first, then the two-way tape.  From there, follow the same instruction of lubricating with gasoline and slip the grip on.  Be careful, if you add too much tape, it will change the balance of the golf club and you may not be able to fit the grip over the butt of the shaft.  It may be a little trial and error at first, but eventually (and a few grips later) you’ll know how much tape to add for your comfort level.

The really tricky part comes in when you make the decision about how fat you want the grip.  You have the choice of adding masking tape to a standard 58 core grip or purchasing an actual oversize grip.  An oversize grip has the same 58 core, but the manufacturer has built up the rubber on the grip itself.  You can find everything from a slightly oversize grip to a huge oversize grip.  But be careful! From a PGA Teaching Professional’s experience, the bigger the grip on the golf club, the less the hands release during the swing.  We all know what that means…?  Right?  Exactly!  The golf ball goes more right!

Now, if you have a medical condition, such as arthritic hands, you may not have a choice but to use an oversize grip.  Try to keep it as small as possible, while still being comfortable, in order to hang on to your golf club.  A putter doesn’t matter as much because swing speed isn’t a factor (and if it is, you’re in trouble!).  Many professionals use oversize grips on their putters.  They also use tennis racket wrap around a standard putter grip to give them the feel they’re looking for.  I use this on my putter and I love the way it feels!

I’m going to be discussing more about regripping your golf clubs.  But if you have a specific question, you know what to do!  Email me!  I’d love to hear from you!   Remember, amateurs teach amateurs to play golf like amateurs!  Now go have fun and let it rip!

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7 Responses to “Putting Oversize Grips On Your Golf Clubs”

  1. Nick Says:

    Great article. I’ve been thinking about adding fatter grips to my clubs for years now. I have very long, thin fingers and recently had a some tape added to the grip of a new wedge I bought. I love the wedge and feel like I am more consistent with it in large part due to the grip size.

    Are there any standards or rules of thumb (pardon the pun) that you can apply to how large your grips should be, or which clubs should get the fatter grips?


  2. Dexter Silverthorn Says:

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  3. Terry Says:

    Thanks, Dexter. It’s a nice blog! Can there be too much golf?

  4. Terry Says:

    Hi Nick! Good question. Lots of times, it’s just about how the club feels in your hands, but still allows a nice release. My rule of thumb, for most players, is that I like the finger nails of your left hand barely, but still touching the palm. As for which clubs get the fatter grips, that’s really up to each individual golfer. Remember, keep a watch out for how the club releases. If the club is too fat, you’ll sacrifice distance for comfort, as your swing speed will be reduced! Play around with different grips and eventually you will find what works best for you!

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